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Florida Book Awards 2015

May 10, 2016

The winners for the 2015 Florida Book Awards were announced March 2, 2015. Our congratulations go out to the 24 winners across 9 categories.

Our 2015 Gold medal winners are

  • Dianne Ochiltree (Children’s Literature)
  • Susan Cerulean (Florida Non-Fiction)
  • Jesse Goolsby (General Fiction)
  • Cynthia Barnett (General Non-Fiction)
  • Brandi George (Poetry)
  • Patricia Gussin (Popular Fiction)
  • Andres Pi Andreu (Spanish language)
  • Nic Stoltzfus (Visual Arts)
  • Shaun David Hutchinson (Young Adult Literature)

The 2015 Silver Medal winners are

  • Lane Fredrickson (Children’s Literature)
  • Arva Moore Parks (Florida Non-Fiction)
  • Gracie L. Chandler (General Fiction)
  • J. Matthew Gallman (General Non-fiction)
  • Donald Morrill (Poetry)
  • Marti Green (Popular Fiction)
  • Robert L. Crawford (Visual Arts)
  • Patrick Kendrick (Young Adult Literature)

The 2015 Bronze medalists are

  • Christina Diaz Gonzalez (Children’s Literature)
  • Tameka Bradley Hobbs (Florida Non-Fiction)
  • Katherine Clark (General Fiction)
  • June Melby Benowitz (General Non-Fiction)
  • Jonathan Fink (Poetry)
  • Bruce Thomason (Popular Fiction)
  • Gabriel Horn (White Deer of Autumn) (Young Adult Literature)

Their winning books can be seen at

We would also like to thank our jurors for making the difficult decisions of our winners. So thank you, Jana Fine, Mary Douglas, Carrie Kienzle, Steven Noll, Frederick Davis, Joe Knetsch, Enid Shomer, Chris Coward, Florence Turcotte, David Coburn, Ned Stuckey-French, Alyson Gamble, Craig Blais, Terry Thaxton, Steve Kistulentz, Chrissy Jackson, Veronica Hart, Shara Smock, Manuel Lopez, Dinapiera Di Donato, Susan Montgomery, Mallory O’Connor, Denise Bookwalter, Mary Maida, Katherine Kastanis, Karyn Dombrosky, and Cailey Klasson.

Their pictures and bios can be found at

Information pertaining to the 2016 Florida Book Awards competition should be available within the next 4 to 6 weeks.


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