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2010 FBA Events

April 4, 2011

Hello Florida readers, writers, and book lovers from all over,

On behalf of everyone involved in the 2010 Florida Book Awards competition, we want to thank all of the authors who entered the competition and to send out a heartfelt congratulations to this year’s winners. The Florida Book Awards not only honors the winning authors, but in turn these authors and their books honor the rich history and culture of the Sunshine State. We are incredibly thankful to be part of such a dynamic literary community.

March has been a very busy and eventful month at the FBA offices. At two recent events, we celebrated our Gold Medal Winners, as well as the 2011 recipient of the Florida Lifetime Achievement Award for Writing, Carl Hiassen.

Carl Hiassen, pictured with First Lady Ann Scott and Secretary of State Kurt Browning, receives the Florida Lifetime Achievment in Writing. Photo courtesy of the Governor's Office.

This year, Governor Rick Scott declared Wednesday, March 23, 2011, Florida Author’s Day in a proclamation read by one of the Florida Book Awards’ founders, Dr. Wayne Wiegand. Following the declaration, we celebrated our second annual Florida Author’s Day with a luncheon at the Governor’s mansion, hosted by First Lady, Mrs. Ann Scott.

First Lady Ann Scott welcomes guests of the luncheon. Photo courtesy of the Governor's Office.

Everyone in attendance had a wonderful lunch complete with sweet tea and peach cobbler on the verandah of the Governor’s Mansion, appropriately located adjacent to the mansion’s impressive library. It was the perfect way to commemorate the authors’ achievements and welcome spring with a cool breeze and bright Florida sun. Thank you to everyone (including the lovely weather!) for making this event so memorable.


Later that evening we honored our Gold medalists at the Florida Heritage Awards Ceremony at the R.A. Gray building.

Dr. Wiegand announced our winners, who were photographed on stage with both as Governor Scott and Secretary of State Browning. Dr. Wiegand accepted the awards for our Gold medalists who were unable to attend, and was delighted to also receive a photograph with the new governor while holding the absentee awards. A reception followed the ceremony, where our authors signed copies of their books for fans and friends, while Johnny Tillotson, who was inducted into the Florida Artists Hall of fame that evening, provided a concert for attendees.

A big thanks to all of our authors who were able to make it to either or both of these events–we were thrilled and honored to have you.

The 2010 competition and awards season has so far been exceptionally successful and we look forward to opening the 2011 competition shortly, but not before our next event. We look forward to celebrating with all of our winning  authors May 5th at the annual Florida Library Association Annual Conference in Orlando!

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